Poland, Lodz, st. Ventskovskogo 43/45
About the project
Currently, there are three buildings on the territory included in the Municipal Register of Monuments. The entire area is located within the historical urban layout.

The main plant, built in 1893, was the headquarters of the Society.
The joint-stock manufactory Wełny "Saxonia", then the factory of Władysław Baruch, later served as the headquarters of Procznik and the warehouse of the Pilsudski Municipal Library. On the territory there is Stefan Linke Square, which is planned to be made available to residents. The property has access to public roads from the street. Ventskovsky, from st. Zheromskogo, from the street. Lipova.

A complex of multi-apartment residential and utility buildings with technical infrastructure and an internal communications system is planned for the site.
The property is located in the very center of Łódź, surrounded by multi-family residential buildings (including renovated apartment buildings), retail and service outlets, as well as in the area of residential buildings still under construction and new green areas.

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