Business center

Hospitalnaya Street, Kiev

Facility details

The total cost (u.e.): 2 876 000$
The average price of rent: 20$ 1 м²
Annual income: $397,800
Rental income: $33,150
Payback period: 8 years
Yield: 12%
Characteristics of the Object
Price and terms of sale

Characteristics of the Object


  • Freestanding single-storey
  • commercial building with large showcases
  • Year of construction – 2010
  • Total floor area (GBA) 1949.6 m²
  • – Secure parking for 30 cars
  • VTS “CLIMA” heated ventilation system, SATEL fire alarm system, individual heating system with heat consumption, electronic access system, KONE elevators

All necessary communications: video surveillance, computer and telephone networks, air conditioning system DAIKIN.

Price and terms of sale

  • Price per square meter: $ 1,475
  • Total cost: $2,876,000
  • The owner of the object is a legal entity
  • The sale is carried out by assignment of corporate rights
  • The purpose of the purchase of the building: purchase without the need for additional investment in repairs. Immediately we get rental income.