Apartment complex

Troitskaya, Odessa

Object details

The apartments are decorated in an individual style - a collaboration of architectural styles using elements of cultural heritage and modern style, allowing to achieve maximum comfort and ease of service.

The management company will provide the following services:
- Orthopedic eco mattresses and air humidifiers in the rooms.
- Kitchen area with chef from 7 to 11 am. Restaurant service 24/7.
- We provide the opportunity to host guests with religious and cultural backgrounds for accommodation and meals.
- Delivery of kosher food and appropriate layout of the mini bar.
- Concierge service for each guest according to the program “from excursion to legal advice”
- Hotel managers with knowledge of Hebrew and English.
- KOSHER / Phyto bar in each room (by pre-order)

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Characteristics of the Object
Price and terms of sale

Characteristics of the Object

  • Floor height: 3rd floor 4.20 m from screed surface to ceiling. 4th floor from 2.80 to 4.20 m.
  • Windows - metal-plastic frames, double-glazed windows;
  • External entrance doors are metal, reinforced with a metal door frame.
  • Door to the bathroom: MDF film.
  • Floor of the Apartment: cement-sand screed, ceramic tiles, class 32 laminate, carpet.
  • Walls: plaster, fiberglass, putty, painting, ceramic tiles
  • Metal heating radiators with thermostat;
  • Electrical fuse panel in the apartment hall, sockets, switches.

Price and terms of sale

  • Interest-free installments for 6 months with 50% advance
  • With 100% payment for registration of ownership rights