Business center

Kanatnaya, Odessa

Object details

The existing business center is located on one of the main connecting streets of the city, connecting the historical center with other areas. A 15-minute walk or 5 minutes by car to the central railway station and to the main street of the city - st. Deribasovskaya.

  • Purpose of the object: business center, equipped with:
  • restaurant;
  • shop;
  • bank;
  • two-level coworking space with two conference rooms;
  • two-level parking.

After reconstruction, office premises will be organized as open-space.

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Characteristics of the Object
Price and terms of sale

Characteristics of the Object

Communications and equipment

  • Total area (GBA) 8,632 m2
  • Including reconstruction (GBA) 11,118 m2
  • Construction of a parking lot in the courtyard for 120 cars, with a total area of 3,719 m2
  • Coworking space 730 m2


Availability of all necessary communications:

video surveillance, computer and telephone networks, air conditioning system, supply and exhaust ventilation.

Price and terms of sale

Total area after reconstruction: 11,118 sq. M.

Usable area: 8,530 sq. m.

Parking area: 3,719 sq. m.

Rental rate in this area: on average 15-17 USD. (2-5 floor) 20-30 USD (1st floor) + operational + metered + VAT

Office premises are commissioned with full decorative finishing, taking into account electrical wiring through the false floor.

The cost of purchasing 1 sq.m. - 1,500 - 2,200 USD